Behavior Consultations

We all have a picture in our minds about how life with our dogs should be...  Our dogs calmly welcoming guests at the front door, our dogs happily romping at the park, our dogs resting quietly in our homes while we're out.

The reality for many people is not what is painted above.  In reality, many of us share our homes with dogs who live in cronic stress and the resulting behavior issues.  These dogs growl at our guests.  They bark and lunge at other dogs.  They destroy the house when we leave.  The list goes on and on.

WonderDog initial assessments and follow-up training, are designed to restore as much balance as possible to your life.  To bridge the gap between your current reality and how you would like life with your dog to be.  We come to you, to your house, your neighborhood, to where the problem behaviors are happening.  

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