Client Reviews

Carrie Bowlus taught me so much about my dog. Her knowledge about animals never ceases to amaze me. The skills were a given but more than that, she helped me learn how to read Daisy's body language and understand what she was experiencing through her eyes. Through our classes, Daisy has become even happier in every thing we do. The most important part of our classes was the deep bond that Carrie helped Daisy and I develop. I have never experienced that with another dog. The communication that Carrie has built between us is irreplaceable!  Taking her class could be a life changing event for you and your dog!

Dorie Vallen, Aurora, Colorado

Carrie Bowlus was a dog trainer I was fortunate enough to encounter in the last month.  Her ability to analyze and create a workable solution for my dog and I was amazing.  Her empathy and compassion is beyond reproach.  She has an uncanny ability to be able to recognize what may be going on in a dog's psyche and then come up with an approach that not only will help the animal out, but also, be advantageous for the owner too!  I would highly recommend Carrie for all your dog's needs.

Jane Clevenger, Loveland, Colorado

Over the past weeks, I have been so impressed with the knowledge that Carrie possesses and her passion and compassion for her work and for the dogs and handlers.  I have heard things from Carrie, and received information from her, that I have never heard before from other trainers.  A number of our dogs and my husband and I, have had opportunities to receive instruction from several different trainers, but the information that I have receieved from Carrie goes so much deeper than ‘obedience trainging’ or ‘therapy training.’  She truly cares about the well being of the dogs, and whether they would be well suited for this type of work.  The information she shared last night, on stress and how that is displayed and how it can be observed in the dogs — was invaluable.  

Ann Warren, Fort Collins, Colorado

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